Why Jazz Vocalists Will Always Remain Relevant in the American Landscape

Many people love the sound, soul and story telling that is present in jazz music and vocals. This now popular genre of music began in this counter with the African American communities living in New Orleans late in the 19th century into the late 20th century. This musical style continues to captivate audiences everywhere, and jazz vocalists are always in demand, especially in southern states along the gulf coast from Florida to Texas.

Determining the Roots of Jazz Music

The music that is today recognized as jazz has its roots in several lively and soulful music genres that include ragtime, blues and Caribbean influences. The word jazz comes from the French Creole term jass that is traced back to African dance forms and was understood to be a bit sensual describing sexual encounters between men and women.

How Jazz Came Became Popular in America

Jazz vocalists from these earlier times were often slaves, and their spiritual singing of hymns in church on Sunday often reverted to a more sultry song style suited for nighttime saloon crowds. The syncopated beats that classify a tune as jazz worthy were ideal for long evenings spent drinking alcohol and dancing until dawn.

The Creativity of Jazz Artists Remain Relevant Today

The French Creoles and island influences on jazz music are evident in the musical instrumental arrangements and unique on-the-fly vocals. Today, this creativity in jazz music remains just as relevant to music enthusiasts all across the country.

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