Classic Female Jazz Singers

by | Feb 21, 2019 | Music

Sylvia Brooks has joined the ranks of classic female jazz singers. Her journey has highlighted her natural talent and stage presence that has destined this recording artist to be accepted as one of the classic female jazz singers. Jazz singers make their mark by having the type of sound that stirs emotions.

The Women of Jazz
History has taught us that female jazz vocalist pack quite the wallop when it comes to delivering the jazz sounds that win audiences over. This primarily male dominated genre would not be what it is without the female vocalists that have elevated the genre. The litany of jazz greats that have shaped American music range from the athletic, agile sounds of the “Holy Trinity of Jazz Female Vocalists” Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holiday to the more modern sounds of Diana Krall, Norah Jones and others. Women have always been the stars when it comes to jazz vocals.

It is Moving
Whether it is one of the old classics or one of the newer arrivals on the scene there is one thing that no one can deny classic jazz is moving. It touches you, it excites you and it envelopes you all at the same time. It is a genre every music lover should be exposed to because it is uniquely American and it is uniquely delivered by some very talented people.

Bringing it Back
Today, there are only a handful of truly talented female jazz vocalists including Sylvia Brooks that are seemingly single-handedly bringing this genre to the center stage once more. Like the classic American jazz singers Sylvia speaks directly to your soul. The smoky sounds, the agile voice the incredible stage presences sucks you right in and has you humming along. Experience classic jazz delivered by a talented vocalist and you will seek to relive that feeling over and over again.

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