Setting Up a Romantic Proposal with Classic Jazz Singers

The pressure is on when it comes time to propose. In addition to finding the right words to express the depth of your love, you want to create a romantic experience that your spouse-to-be will never forget. There are many ways to bring out the love, but hiring classic jazz artists to perform live is the easiest path to heart-touching romance.

Why Hire Classic Jazz Vocalists?

Classic jazz artists set the mood instantly. Some jazz songs are upbeat and capture the energy that love brings to your heart. Others are so deep and romantic that they could make your heartache and your soul weep. Experienced classic jazz vocalists know how to combine songs to create the perfect environment for a proposal.

Setting the Stage for Classic Jazz Artists

Hiring the right classic jazz singers is only the first step to creating that unforgettable proposal. Use this quick checklist to make sure you have everything in place to pop the big question in style:

• Location – Private or semi-private is best. If you want to propose in public, look for a quiet place where you can move away from the crowds. If you want friends and family members to witness the proposal, try to rent space for a small, intimate party.

• Lighting & Decor – You have the ring, but what about fresh flower arrangements and other decorations? You can make the space festive and energetic or go with white and red roses for classic romance.

• Permissions – If you’re proposing in a restaurant or other establishment, make sure that they’re aware of the event and will allow your hired classic jazz vocalists to perform.

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