Many people enjoy art and just as many would appreciate having more art in their homes. However, choosing a piece of artwork to hang up at home can be stressful. People think you need to know a lot about art to buy it. They may also assume buying art is only for wealthy people. Neither of those things is true. Art is for everyone. Here’s how to choose the piece that’s right for you.

Understand What You Like

Perhaps it’s the colors of a piece of modern canvas artwork that speak to you or maybe it’s the brushstrokes. You don’t even need to be able to articulate what it is; you need only understand you like it. Simply recognizing that will help you identify additional pieces you also like. See if you can figure out a common theme. Do you like abstract art? Still life? Landscapes? This kind of self-awareness can help you figure out what kind of art you like.

Prints or Originals

Some folks are totally okay buying prints, while others prefer originals. Prints are usually far more budget friendly; they’re basically copies of originals on high-quality paper. Original pieces of artwork are usually on canvas, although some are also on paper or another material. Modern canvas artwork varies widely in price. Both prints and originals can increase in price if you’re looking at art as an investment, as well as an aesthetic improvement.

Consider Size, Color and Theme

In order to ensure the modern canvas artwork you choose is a good addition to your home, think about the size, color and theme. If you have a large room with expansive wall space, you can go with a larger piece of art to fill that space, for example. Think about what colors and décor items are already present in the room; try and choose something complementary. It doesn’t need to match exactly, but it should look connected to the rest of the room in some way.

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