Have you ever wanted to give the coolest birthday party ever to your child but had no idea where to begin as far as coming up with a theme for the party?? Well, I have too but every year I always seem to come up with a great theme that my daughter loves. This article will hopefully give you some ideas on a few birthday party themes you may be interested in.

A great birthday party theme for a younger child is the Veggie Tales. Little ones love these cute little creatures that have great values and morals and stand for Christ. Not only will you be offering them a great birthday party, but you will also be sharing the gospel with those you invite simply by using this as your birthday party theme. If you have a girl you may want to base your party on the character Madam Blueberry as she is one of the coolest the veggie tales have to offer. If you have a boy you may want to center your theme around Bob the tomato or Larry the cucumber. Either way your child is sure to love this as their birthday party theme.

Another great birthday party theme is an old cartoon that was once my daughter’s favorite, The Big Comfy Couch. The good thing about this clown centered birthday party theme is that since it is an older cartoon that is no longer aired on the public broadcasting network, you will be able to find the décor for quite cheap. You can find all the décor for this birthday party theme online and on ebay as well. You can hire a clown to do balloon art for the kids and they are sure to love this theme!

Yet another great birthday party theme for perhaps an older child is to make a party out of the movie The Hunger Games. You may want to decorate with black and gold decorations as this is the colors most represented in the movie. You can have some hunger games of your own in your very own backyard by setting up a game such as capture the flag with all your child’s friends. They are going to love competing against each other in teams to win a prize that you have picked out before hand.

Another great birthday party theme for younger girls would be to have an American Girl tea party. Have all the girls to bring their own American Girl doll and dress up like their doll. As each guest arrives they will be seated at a table for tea and cakes. The girls always love this kind of party because they get to dress up and play dolls at the same time.

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