Creative Video Editing Ideas For Music Videos

by | Mar 7, 2013 | General

It won’t take you very long to learn that shooting a video is just one aspect of making a movie, short film, or music video. Just because the camera has stopped rolling, it doesn’t mean your work is done. Now you have to edit the project. There’s a few different ways you can edit you music video.

If you’re using the video for promotional reasons and need it to look really nice, you should seriously consider taking your raw footage to a video editing service and having the work done by a professional. The professional will be able to use some top of the line software to create the exact video you desire, and will be able to complete the project a great deal faster than you would be able to do on you own.

If you just made the music video for fun, something you want to put on YouTube for fun, you should try editing the project on your own. It will be fun and you’ll learn something. The trick is having the right software and being willing to learn how to use it properly.

You should check out the software programs you have lying around your desk. It won’t be as good as the software the professionals use, but it’s likely your camera came with some type of free program. You will find yourself surprised by the high number of different things you can use with this free software.

Before you start editing the music video, think about how you’re going to save the file. The way the file gets saved influences the places you can post it online. Check out the various website where you want to post it, they should have information about the different encoding options they’ll allow.

While your editing your music video, you want to take things in stages. After making just a couple of changes, you should save the video as a different file. This allows you to correct mistakes and redo things whenever you want. When everything is said and done, and you’ve created a music video you love, you’ll be able to go back and delete the extra files.

Give yourself plenty of time. Editing takes a great deal of time and patience. Never assume you’ve finished editing the video until you’ve spent some time away from it. After a few hours, you’ll be able to look at it with fresh eyes and determine if it’s as good as you thought.

The great thing about editing a music video is that it gets easier the more times you do it, and the more familiar you become with the software. Once you’ve completed one music video you won’t be able to wait until you can start on the next one.

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