Why Getting a Masters Degree in Industrial Design Is a Great Career Option

If you are already pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, you may be tempted to simply graduate college and go with that one modest degree. However, if you hold out and pursue an industrial design master’s degree, you may be placing yourself in a much better position in life. Here are the benefits you can expect when you hold out for a more advanced degree.

Earnings Potential

While Master’s Degrees are not cheap, they offer an incredible return on investment. Studies have shown that 20% of those who hold a Master’s end up with a higher role in the company they are applying to right out of the starting gate. Basically, this means that the money you spend on this type of degree ends up making you a lot more money than it cost to achieve.

Career Advancement

Never let it be said that employers do not recognize what is valuable to their company. Any large company knows that an employee who holds a Masters Degree is far more valuable to them than those who do not hold such a degree. A company is far more likely to give raises and promotions to those who have shown enough initiative and resiliency to make it through the extra few years it takes to attain an industrial design master’s degree.

If you are interested in getting your master’s degree in industrial design or other practices, contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago at www.saic.edu. You’ll be glad you did and your career will thank you for it.

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