Everyone has seen them plastered over the face of popular magazines in the store aisles: pop stars. Female pop singers, in particular, continue to gain incredible fame in the 21st century. Carrie Underwood continues to bring in thousands of dollars with her golden voice, and we continue to wonder: how do these singers do it? How do they create music so unique that fans everywhere begin to come out of the woodwork? If you have been asking yourself these or similar questions, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at the information below to learn what makes popular female pop singers so intriguing to the public so, ultimately, you can apply their secrets to your own musical career.

Alright, so this secret may sound a little boring at first. However, practice truly is the surest way to achieve fame. Have you ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule? Essentially, scientific research continues to point to the fact that anyone who surpasses 10,000 hours of hard practice can achieve fame. The Beatles, for instance, practiced for thousands of hours in local pubs before hitting the spotlight. Start singing three to four hours a day in order to get serious about your musical endeavors.

Consider Your Purpose
Most female pop singers who “make it big” have an agenda or a purpose behind their musical careers. Ask yourself the question, “what am I trying to say with my music?” Chances are, your answer will reveal your purpose. Do you feel passionate about supplying the needs of disadvantaged children overseas? If so, start implementing this into your musical agenda. Do you feel strongly about the political scene? Great. Use this emotional passion as fuel for your songwriting and build your image from there.

Be Artistic
After determining your purpose and dedicating yourself to hours of disciplined practice, you may need to consider your artistic vision. You know how to sound different, and you have developed a different agenda, so now it’s time to make yourself look different. The general public loves different, especially when it comes to female pop singers! Some people might even suggest  you make your musical performance downright weird (think Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, here). If eccentric isn’t your thing, that’s okay! Just do your best to create an image, which will stand out in people’s minds and create a lasting effect.

By dedicating yourself to practice, considering your musical purpose, and enhancing your artistic vision, you can effectively transform your musical image and join the fame-filled stage with other popular female pop singers. Keep this information in mind in order to create a truly unique musical performance, which will intrigue people for generations to come.

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