What Does It Take to Be a Good Female Jazz Vocalist?

A good female jazz vocalist does more than just release a CD. Jazz vocalists have to truly know their technique since this type of singing is very demanding. A lot of singers cannot quite capture the genre and do not produce very good material. Material is actually very important and difficult to release anew since already-popular jazz music has never faded since its release within the first half of the 20th century. There are certainly challenges to be met by female jazz singers without many artists ready to meet the challenge with raw talent.

The Jazz Realm Will Never Be the Same

Sylvia Brooks has made her mark on the jazz realm with a smooth and sultry voice that delivers jazz material that is original and expressive. Her repertoire includes performing and working with some of Los Angeles’ most accomplished players. Her moving jazz music has already captivated audiences taking listeners down deep currents of desperation, longing and heartache. Brooks has run through the American Songbook and continues to release fascinating jazz music that continues to enthrall jazz enthusiasts with her raw talent.

Brooks Knows How to Truly Inhabit a Song

Part of a jazz artists’ talent is being able to bring a song to life, express great emotion and inhabit the song. Sylvia Brooks is a talented jazz artist that can turn a classic tune into a new, fast favorite as well as take you on a journey through her own innovative music that is seamless weaved into her diverse program. When you attend her live shows, you will have the ability to truly witness her talent whether she sings old favorites from Cole Porter, McCartney, Lennon or Hank Williams. An inviting and luscious jazz sound awaits you when you step into the musical realm of Sylvia Brooks.

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