Legos have been around for years and are a favourite toy for kids. Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate them into party games for birthdays and other meetings. Lego bricks allow you to build almost anything you want, but tying them into a game can be tough without a few tips and pointers.

Build Station

It may be helpful if you designate a space in your home or backyard as a building station. Make sure you have enough Legos for the group. Many companies will provide these toys to the kids, and may also offer other options, as well.

You’ll also need surfaces on which to build, such as folding tables. Then, decide whether it is a rotating station or a free-play area.

Standing Tower Contest

If your children need more planned Lego party games, consider hosting a standing tower contest. Give each participant a pile of Legos, all of various sizes and shapes. Set the timer and let the members start their tower, trying to make it as tall as possible without falling. It may be best to have prizes for the winners or a participant award so that everyone “wins.”

Who Has The Button/Lego?

A popular game is who has the button, but you can use Legos instead. Have the kids form a circle with the palms together in front of them. Choose a leader and have them place a small brick in their cupped hands. Going around the circle, the leader puts their hands in everyone else’s, dropping the toy brick into someone’s palms along the way. Then, everyone says, “Lego, Lego, who’s got the Lego” or something similar, and then everyone has to guess who has it. Once they guess correctly, the one who had it is now the leader. Contact BRICKS 4 KIDZ for more information!

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