Are you planning your wedding? Most couples who are planning a wedding have a to-do list that grows as the big day approaches. The location of the wedding reception at Logan Square is one of the bigger decisions to make. Most couples want a wedding reception venue with certain features. Take a look at three examples.

The Surroundings

Many couples like to have lots of green space, mature trees, fountains or even a lake nearby. Not only do these features add to the serenity of the environment, they serve as a great backdrop for wedding photos. When planning a wedding reception, Logan Square couples need to know all the details about the beautiful surroundings.

The Quality of the Food

The quality of the food served at the wedding reception venue is another feature important to couples. Some couples like to have vegetarian items on their menu while others want a lot of choices for fish and steak. Some couples want a mixture of both. The quality of the food definitely adds to the fun and pleasant tone of the evening.

Assistance from the Venue Managers

Engaged couples have a lot of questions for the manager of a wedding reception venue. They are interested in the prices of various services, access to rooms in the venue, the choices for the menu, etc. So, this makes it essential that a wedding reception venue has a manager or managers who are easily accessible and can answer questions. A helpful venue manager makes the process of planning a wedding reception a lot easier for an excited couple.

Lastly, if you want to have a wedding reception, Logan Square couples should make a list of what you want so you can be sure to end up with a wedding day you’ll always remember!

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