Three Considerations When Selecting Outdoor Weddings in Chicago Suburbs

Chicago is a major metropolitan city, and weddings are trendy. When people outside of Chicago think about weddings in the town, they often imagine huge venues with ornate decorations, lavish flowers everywhere, and large dance floors.

Many other places within Chicago’s suburbs offer beautiful settings for outdoor weddings at affordable prices. This blog post will focus on factors to consider when choosing outdoor weddings in Chicago suburbs.

1. Location

If you plan an outdoor wedding in the Chicago suburbs, your top priority should be location. You’ll want to plan a wedding that is easily accessible for your family and friends. Make sure you know where parking for guests is and that the venue is readily available for other activities in the future, such as parties or family reunions.

2. Date

If you’re planning a wedding in the Chicago suburbs and want to include family and friends from out of town, you’ll want to look for dates during off-peak season.

3. Weather

Chicago has notoriously unpredictable weather. While you may want to get married on a beautiful sunny day, there’s always the possibility of rain or extreme heat in the summer or heavy snow and ice in the winter.

You can have a stunning outdoor wedding in the Chicago suburbs that your guests will never forget. Take the time to find a venue with the right location, date, and weather, and ensure you’re prepared for every possible scenario. Contact Carriage Greens Country Club today for more information about outdoor weddings in Chicago suburbs.

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