Three Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Country Clubs

When considering the best Lake Geneva wedding reception venues, it’s very likely that you’ve considered a country club, and this is because golf clubs are one of the unique ways to have a wedding reception that everyone will remember, giving you space, amenities and perhaps even some golf! However, there are also a wide variety of facts about country clubs that you probably don’t know about. Here’s a list of some fun country club facts so that the next time you’re looking for one of the best Lake Geneva wedding reception venues, you can consider country clubs as a historical and an entertaining pick.

The Oldest American Country Club is From 1854

If you’re someone who thinks that the idea of a country club is a 21st-century invention, think again. Not only have country clubs been around in the US since the 1800s, but the oldest country club in the country was founded in 1854. As the oldest country club in the US, the Philadelphia Cricket Club still hosts events and games to this very day, being an important resource for golfers in the surrounding area.

Country Clubs Were Different During the Great Depression

During the Great Depression, a majority of America lost almost all of the wealth they once had. Because of this, country clubs also lost a great many of their members, with many people not being able to afford the required fee. As a result of this cultural change, many country clubs became community centers during the Great Depression until they were able to have sufficient funds once again.

Country Clubs Are from Scotland

If you belong to a country club, you have Scotland to thank for that. Because golf was originally invented in Scotland, it makes sense that country clubs are also from there.

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