The Captivating Talent of Jazz Vocalists

When it comes to music jazz historically has a sound like no other. With captivating melodies and tones it is easy to see why music listeners are always pulled back to jazz. This of course includes the talents of female jazz vocalists. Residents of California can easily find a jazz vocalist in Los Angeles at inviting local lounges. The atmosphere alone sets the atmosphere for a night spent indulging in musical talent. Talented jazz artists of yesteryear include Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few. Female jazz vocalists have unparalleled talent that is absolutely indisputable. In fact it’s quite difficult to pick one vocalist over another. No matter where your favorite female vocalist ranks you can expand your musical horizons by listening to the talent of all of them.

Ella Fitzgerald Is at the Top of the List

With such an incredible tone it is easy to see how Ella Fitzgerald tops the list for jazz singers that are female. It has actually been stated that no other singers will be able to match her incredible tone. The talents of Billy Holiday are also considered to be exceptional. However, the argument stands that Billy Holiday is more than just a great jazz singer she has been considered the greatest female vocalists ever. There are many other talented female jazz artists that have easily topped the jazz charts over the years, as well.

Seek the Talent of Modern Female Jazz Singers

Up-and-coming talented jazz singers are also well worth the listen, and you will find fast favorites among the talents of lounge singers that put their heart and soul into every performance. Modern female jazz singers are able to incorporate a jazzy fusion that clearly defines them while carrying through with a smooth tone that sets the jazzy vibe for the evening. With rising new talent the future of jazz is brighter than ever.

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