If you have just said “yes” to someone who will shortly become your “significant other,” a lot of your time in the coming months will be ensuring that your wedding is one of the best weddings possible. At the top of the list of things-to-do is choosing the venue, and it can be tricky. The first thing to do is decide on the type of wedding and reception that you want to have; you want your guests to remember this when you are about to celebrate your silver anniversary. Once you have created you’re shortlist of possible venues, it is time to decide which one is “it.”

To maximize your time, and to make sure you do not miss anything that is important to you, develop a list of questions, note the answers you get as you go from one place to another. By doing this, you will make it much easier to sit down later, determine the “pros and cons,” and make your final decision.

A few important questions that need asking include:

How Many Guests Can Be Accommodated?

You need to know how many people can be accommodated comfortably. The answer to this will have a big impact on your guest list as well as your budget.

What Aesthetic Features Does the Venue Have?

You will want any exceptional features that the venue has to fit nicely with your plans and décor. You also want to investigate such amenities such as a golf course backdrop, as this may be the perfect setting for your wedding photos.

What Services Are Offered?

As you no doubt will be working on a budget, you want to know if there are all-inclusive services available for the wedding and reception site as well as the food and drinks. If you are expecting out-of-town guests, are there hotels nearby? For local guests, is the venue easily accessed? Is it close to the city?

There are many questions that need answering; the best weddings are those that are planned with the cooperation with a professional staff. In this way, your Chicago wedding is bound to be a day to remember.

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