If you have already obtained an undergraduate degree in art education, you might be struggling with the decision to continue your education. However, a master’s in art education can help unlock better personal and professional growth. This guide will help reveal the top three reasons to consider getting a graduate degree in art education.

The Degree Is Designed for Artists Who Want to Teach
The master’s in art education degree is designed specifically for artists who want to share their love of art through teaching. Your unique love of art as a teacher will be respected and catered to during the program. You will find true enjoyment in these programs because they will be directed specifically towards the field that you love.

Graduate Degrees Help Prepare You for Advocacy
Obtaining a graduate degree in art education will help better prepare you as an advocate for art education within your school district. With the decrease in funding, schools are regularly cutting back their funding for “non-essential” programs like art. As an art teacher, you will regularly be put in the position where you need to justify the importance of art, and a graduate degree will provide you with the direction you need to perform that role.

The Degree Will Open Up Greater Opportunities
While those with an undergraduate degree in education may choose teaching exclusively as a career choice, getting a graduate degree opens up a greater variety of opportunities. Some artists with graduate degrees in education choose artist-in-residence training, while others choose to work for museums and other nonprofit organizations. School of the Art Institute of Chicago offers a Master’s in Art Education contact them today.

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