Journalism Graduate Programs Can Improve Your Skills to Land Jobs

Professional writing requires an immense skillset that’s truly unique, and in most cases, that English 101 class isn’t going to cut it. You need refined, well-honed skills that apply specifically to today’s journalism market. Graduate programs can help you learn more about efficient writing that will impact your readers. With skilled professors to help you, you can be leading the way with your top-tier writing. Being able to demonstrate your high-quality writing will also help you find better jobs right out of school. You may even find editing work in your field if that’s something you’re interested in pursuing.

Learn to Find Sources and Do Investigative Work

Being a skilled journalist doesn’t stop at writing. To really make your mark, you need to learn how to find sources for stories and get the information you need. This often involves heavy research, and in many cases, investigative skillsets you don’t already have. Break stories and lead the way with your words. Graduate journalism programs can help you learn the skills you need to do this kind of work right now.

Find Jobs Today

Journalism is a competitive environment and only the qualified and motivated make it. Graduate programs can help you take your work to the next level while meeting contacts that help you get the placements you want and need.

Visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago today to learn more about our journalism graduate programs that can help you get a leg up in this incredibly competitive field.

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