Journalism Grad Programs-Further Your Career

If your career is stalled, further your education to open doors with journalism grad programs. The fact is that the market for journalism professionals is competitive, in many cases it is not who is better but who has a better-looking CV. To get ahead in many cases you need that graduate degree.

Why Journalism Grad Programs Work to Further Your Career

You may be in a position now where your undergraduate degree seems to be getting you where you want to go but the fact is at some point on that ladder you are going to come up to a few missing rungs unless you have a graduate degree. A graduate degree opens doors and makes you a far more flexible candidate. There are things that you are qualified to do with a grad degree that you are not qualified to do without it, like:

  • Teach at the university level
  • Supervise
  • Edit for many publications

When you have a graduate degree, you have an opportunity to spread your wings in different directions. An undergraduate degree may get your foot in the door, but it does not necessarily mean the door will stay open.

Staying Competitive

It is important to constantly evolve, to grow your career. Learning new ideas, sharing with like-minded people and exploring the world of journalism as a graduate student is a completely different experience from your undergraduate studies. That graduate degree can be the trait that tips the scales in your favor at the next interview or can push you to the top of the line for your next promotion. It is an amazing feeling to be one of the elite few that hold a graduate level degree in this field. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is the place you want to further your education.

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