Jobs You Can Get with a Master of Design

If you are passionate about obtaining a design or art degree, but are worried about the job opportunities, you should know that there are plenty of jobs in the field. From working on magazine’s design team to designing a new loft, the field of design is a vast and exciting one.  Not only that, but obtaining a Master of Design degree can land you high paying jobs.

Job Opportunities

Industrial designers must have this degree. Industrial designers average a salary of over $68,000. Another job that requires this design degree is becoming a user experience designer. User experience designers make an average of over $75,000. You can progress onto a job as a senior user experience designer to make an average of over $80,000. You can also become a user experience researcher. User experience researchers can make a six-figure average.

Being a design architect is a lot of people’s dream job, and they can obtain that dream with a degree in design or art. Design architects average around $50,000. A similarly appealing career includes becoming an interior designer. Interior designer’s average a salary of around $50,000 as well. These careers are both creatively stimulating and financially rewarding.

Additional Options

If the high pay doesn’t sell you, consider the variety of fields you can enter with an art degree. You can work in the art field, the history field, the philosophy field, the conservation field. The advertising field and the technology field are also avenues of pursuit in the design field. With design work, there is likely a niche for everybody! The possibilities are nearly endless if you pursue an art degree. There are many profitable options out there if you cannot find a position that specifically utilizes your degree in design. You can fulfill your passion of art while creating a positive atmosphere for those around you.

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