How to Wow at the Birthday Party, Rent a Video Game Truck in Bergen, NJ

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Entertainment

Whether for your son or daughter or a spouse that really loves video games, you want their birthday to be amazing. Most people in Bergen, NJ think that they have to go out to have a spectacular event, but you can rent video game trucks (and glamor party trucks) that will wow any crowd. Plus, they can usually pull up to any home and go into any neighborhood, so you can plan the event for the house. While they’re likely to stay outside and you can set up tables, chairs, and food outdoors, you may also need to stage things inside the house to prevent food contamination and to allow for restroom breaks.

How it Works/How to Pull it Off

If you want the truck to be a surprise, you can choose to serve the food and have any party games before the truck is set to arrive. That way, the guests are full and happy and can then be impressed when the truck pulls up, and they’re allowed to go inside and play games or get their make-up done.

While parental supervision is recommended, the children are contained and happy, so they aren’t likely to have complaints or issues. Plus, you and any adults who stayed can also enjoy some time conversing or watching the kids play.

If you choose the video game truck for a spouse, he and his buddies are sure to have a blast, and your kids can join them, giving you a moment’s peace.

Plus, the truck is self-contained, so you don’t need an outside hookup for the games to work!

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