No one likes to be ignored or forgotten. If you use large canvas paintings as your wall décor, there’s no doubt your visitors will remember you.

Your Home Is Yours and Yours Alone

Have you ever been to an art show and seen a painting that fills most, it not all, of the space on the wall? Many people will say things like, “I like it, but I wouldn’t have it in my house.”

If you disagree and love the impact of large canvas paintings as wall art, don’t hesitate to invest in it. Fill the place where you live with wall decor that makes you happy. If your sister or your neighbor thinks it’s too big, who cares? You’re the one who lives with it.

Personality Types and Art Choices

It seems logical extroverts would be the ones who like large canvas paintings as wall décor. Extroverts like to be seen and heard and make a splash wherever they go. Wall art that attracts the eye would be their style.

However, don’t be fooled. It can often be the introvert who goes for large canvas paintings. A quiet, shy person may be an untamed spirit inside. Selecting large canvas paintings as wall décor gives the individual a chance to express their true self.

Big Paintings in Sweet Colors

Just because a painting is large, doesn’t mean it has to be garish. A painting the size of a sheet of plywood can come across as sweet and delicate if the colors are light and the shape and movement of the strokes are light as well. Friends, relatives and neighbors who view your painting will only be able to grasp a section at a time. They’ll be limited to their field of vision. As they scan the artwork, the depth and vision of the painting will be revealed.

If you’re interested in using a large canvas painting as your wall decor, visit the Hilary Winfield Fine Art website.

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