Country Clubs Not Just for Golf

Of course the country club is for golf, and that’s the main reason you would join. The community built around a golf course enriches families, co-workers, and encourages friendly competition. But the country club isn’t only for tee times. Spending a day at your local country club will open your eyes to the opportunities.

One major area often overlooked is the education your local country club offers. There are many classes offered by golf professionals for youth and adults. From general one-time classes on improving your swing to weekly sessions, you can find the improvement you need on-site. Then you’ll be ready for those regular tee times.

The 19th hole as it’s often referred too is the club bar and grill. A refreshing drink before or after a round, or just a Saturday afternoon visit without the round of golf, the club bar and grill builds community. It’s a great place to watch golf tournaments on the television, and hear stories from the course. For the kids, the country club grill can serve as a romantic spot for a pre-prom dinner or just a day out with grandma.

Weddings are also a specialty for many country clubs. The professionals at Carriage Greens Country Club host wedding events. They offer weddings on the fairways and receptions in their banquet room. Everything you could want for a perfect day will be handled. If you’re considering unique locations for a wedding, your local country club is an option.

Of course, tee times are the point of the game. Many clubs now keep track of your annual scores so you can see improvement or the dreaded downfall. When you notice your score is off from a year ago, reach out to the resident golf pro. Together you will get your golf game back. Follow us on twitter.

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