Bridging the Gap Between the Audience and the Broadway Shows

What is art? It is a question asked just about every day from people contemplating a vast assortment of mediums and types of entertainment. They ask the question to determine where the line is between art and entertainment, and if it even matters at all. Fortunately, everyone has an opinion. It makes the world interesting. Anyone has the right to judge a specific piece of music, performance event, or book for what they consider quality, but critics have opinions as well, and they are often valued for a variety of reasons. The best critics use objective concepts to fuel a subjective opinion. They do not argue against but simply state what is happening and why they believe the way they do.

Broadway is rife with people of all backgrounds and with all sorts of opinions. Performance art is often brilliant, and often terrible. One thing nearly every show has in common is that someone in the world loved it and someone else hated it. Broadway shows are not inherently quantifiable. The best shows are driven by emotions and excitement. A narrative plays out in a variety of intriguing and thought-provoking ways. People will interpret what they see through their own filter and life experiences.

How does one quantify all this in a practical way? Broadway Audience, the online performance art database, attempts to bring clarity to the vast pool of opinions and reflect on what people are saying. The information is there to be sifted and looked at on a deeper level, though. They are not simply interested in what people are saying it, but why they are saying it. Theater goers will ultimately find better shows in the future if the performance artists take this information seriously.

At the very least, Broadway is its own community. Driven by art, thrills, entertainment and everything in between, people of all ages find solace in the exciting shows that are displayed nearly every evening. There is simply so much information available and so many shows to go see. There is a community to be experienced. Broadway shows of all kinds merge the art happening on stage with the fascinated audience below to enhance the entire industry. Browse to know more.

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