An All-Inclusive Wedding Is the Smart Couple’s Choice in Lemont

Your wedding day becomes a streamlined operation when you go the all-inclusive route. Relieve stress before and on the big day with an excellent venue’s experienced team to manage the logistical responsibilities of your wedding.

Your Venue Can Give More Than Space

Venue choice ranks with budget and guest list as the most worrisome parts of wedding planning. Once a couple nails their ideal location or available date, they have a venue but little else. You can have an empty space for your Lemont wedding venue or you can have an active, functional location which instantly crosses many other worries off your list.

All-Inclusive Wedding Venues Save Time

All-inclusive wedding venues restrict options efficiently to comprehensive package deals with some customization available. Then you can get major details behind you to focus on celebrating a new chapter in your life, not losing sleep over endless tasks.

Your all-inclusive Lemont wedding venue can offer plated or family style meals, open bar service, bridal suites and more.

All-Inclusive Weddings Save Money

Myths abound that country club and golf course weddings are expensive or cater to members only. In fact, non-members are welcome at these traditional options and affordable prices often surprise them. Plus, tee time for guests is a bonus couples love.

To discover what an all-inclusive wedding can offer you and your celebrants at Carriage Greens Country Club, explore package and service information.

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