Your garage door can be a forceful weapon if it isn’t working properly, especially if it falls quickly or doesn’t close when it should. We have all seen stories in the news about people being injured, kids having crushed limbs and heavy doors falling on the backs of hardworking DIYers who don’t how to stay safe. The stories are grotesque, to be sure. What’s worse, they are not urban legends; they are all true.

It’s important, therefore, to treat garage door repair in Charleston WV with a certain sense of respect and preparation. You are not dealing with a mere door, but with a garage door, which you can never assume is your friend. Not only are garage doors extremely heavy and unwieldy, but their design and construction has become increasingly complex over the years. What was once a relatively simple garage door repair is now a technological undertaking as well.

If a garage door refuses to close all the way or won’t open all the way up, your next step before calling a garage door repair technician is to check the travel of the door. Travel, in this instance, means the manner in which the door travels on its tracks. You may be able to adjust this by adjusting the screws or knobs that are located on the side of the opener. These screws or knobs tell the door when to stop. If your alignment is off, it may be telling your door to travel three feet above the pavement. If you can adjust those parts, you can usually easily resolve the problem and get the door to open and close all the way.

If your door is smashing down and crashing into the ground like an out-of control juggernaut, that presents a real danger, and your best bet is to call a garage door repair company in Charleston WV to come out and fix the problem. Contact Garage Door Operators to schedule a consultation by calling us at 123-456-6789 today!

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