5 Tips for Choosing Birthday Party Venues in Tempe

Are you on the hunt for birthday party venues in Tempe for an adult celebration? There are tons of options when it comes to kids’ parties, but what are your choices to help ensure that an adult is able to have a blast on their birthday? The five tips below will help guarantee that you’re able to throw a bash they’ll remember for years to come.


We’ll start with cost. Obviously, this is going to be one of the top concerns when planning a birthday party for an adult. When you shop around for birthday party venues in Tempe, find out what you get for the price. Does the fee only secure the space? Does it include any beverages or food? Is there a price break with a specific number of guests?


Of course, another consideration is going to be the size of the crowd you’re anticipating. Will you have a dozen or more people around to help the birthday boy or girl have a great time? Is it a smaller gathering of just close friends? Are you inviting their entire family along for the night out? Make sure that the venue can accommodate the size of your group.

Hours of Operation

When planning an adult birthday, it’s important to ensure that the venue is open during the appropriate hours. With kids’ parties, you usually want the event during the daylight hours. However, with an adult birthday party, you need to plan for the evening, or even late at night. Make sure that the venue is open so that all of your guests can attend after they get off work.

Food and Drink

Sure, cake and ice cream are almost required, but don’t forget that you need to accommodate adult tastes here. Birthday party venues in Tempe can offer access to an excellent food menu that includes everything from ribs to burgers. You should also make sure that there’s a great drink menu so that everyone can enjoy their preferred beverage, whether that’s a craft beer or a 40-ounce fish bowl.

Fun and Activities

What sorts of activities will the venue accommodate? Skip the games and balloons – look for a venue that can offer dueling pianos played by some of the most skilled musicians in the area.

We look forward to helping you celebrate that birthday in the right way – get in touch to learn more about booking our space.

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