5 Classic Jazz Vocalists You’ll Want to Know About

In the mood for something slow and sultry? Here are 5 classic jazz vocalists you’ll want to start listening to:

Nat King Cole
Unforgettable is still unforgettable. King Cole has carved a permanent name for himself as one of the biggest voices of jazz. It’s a reputation and influence that has spanned decades. A huge talent, any list of beloved jazz singers simply wouldn’t be complete without him.

Lady Day
Probably the most popular singer of the 20th century, Billie Holiday remains an essential part of jazz history and music. Her Strange Fruit hits all the right notes and is equally served by a powerful performance. With a voice that won over many hearts, Billie Holiday is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about jazz.

Louis Armstrong
One of the first scat singers—equally influential as a trumpet player and singer—Pops or Satchmo was a genius with jazz, says Listverse. His voice is inspired jazz greats like Sinatra and Bing Crosby, which is already amazing enough. His contributions to the field are invaluable for the way it paved the way for other musicians to follow.

Sylvia Brooks
There’s something about beautiful, sultry voices of classic jazz vocalists that never fail to dispel the blues away or make you think lonely thoughts on a clear day. It’s the kind of voice that tugs your heart strings and doesn’t easily let go. If you want to spend the day with tunes that range from sweet and simple to jazz excellence, you’ll want to go for a voice like Brooks.

Miles Davis
Ready for the blues? Then Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue will put you in good company. The recording shows off his taste for simplistic and minimalist touches and makes for quite an experience. If you’re ready to listen to something different, put this on your playlist the soonest you can.

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