3 Tips for Finding, Reserving and Outfitting the Perfect Wedding Venue

Before those church bells can sing, you’ll need to choose the venue that will host your wedding in the first place. Maybe you don’t want it to take place in a church at all! If you’re exploring options for your big day, here are just a few tips for finding an incredible venue.

1. Consider Your Theme

If you’re already thinking about colors, flowers and fabrics, you’ll want a venue that can complement them. For example, if you want a silver and blue theme for your wedding, it’s going to take a lot of extra work to transform a red and gold venue into what you want. It’s not impossible, but it’ll be a challenge, so you’ll need to prepare for it.

2. Embrace Your Culture

If you’re Chinese, consider an outdoor ceremony filled with traditional lights and lanterns. If you’re Polish, look into Polish banquet halls in Chicago that can be stuffed with all of your favorite foods from home. Your wedding should be a celebration of both your roots and your future!

3. Don’t Forget the Details

It’s easy to get so caught up in the aesthetics of your wedding that you forget about things like parking, bathroom access or floor mats for muddy shoes. The ideal venue will handle these things for you, but you might have to request or pay for a bigger wedding package. Make sure to bring them up during your talks to ensure that they’re covered.

These are just a few suggestions if you’re looking for a great place to say “I do.” Feel free to contact us at Alpine Banquets if you want a sounding board for more wedding ideas. We can reserve everything from ballrooms to outdoor gazebos to Polish banquet halls in Chicago!

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